How We Plan to Open a Transitional Home

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We’re in the market right now for what we think will be a perfect transitional home for our ministry. Our current plan (which has evolved, if you have heard it before), is to personally buy a property when it becomes available. We wanted the nonprofit to own the property so that it could truly belong to the kids in perpetuity, but our nonprofit doesn’t have a long credit history, stable income, and many of the other things required to get a home loan.

So What’s the Big Idea?

  • What will the property look like? 
  • How many youth will live there?
  • How will Finally Family Homes grow to support more youth?
  • How will this be funded?
  • What you can do to help right now.

​I’ll answer each of these in more detail below.

What will the property look like?

Our plan is to buy a house for our bio family with a back, guest, or mother in law, or possibly neighboring house for the young adult foster youth to live in. It’s important that we live as close as is possible to our local community college, College of the Canyons, as we want to help the foster youth get enrolled and taking classes there.

​In California, it’s free!  We also want to make sure we are near stores and public transportation, so the youth can get around where they need to easily.

In an ideal world, the property would be divisible or two separate properties so we could donate the transitional house and land to Finally Family Homes. We’re still looking to how that can be done and of course it will also depend on what kind of property situation we end up with.

We also hope to have a big garage or barn – not required, but ideal so that we can host big holiday gatherings and dinners as the youth return over the years and potentially bring their own families or other friends who don’t have somewhere to go for a holiday. If we can’t find that we’ll consider building or renting out places, as offering ongoing, long-term connection is essential to our unique mission.

Why have a separate house?

The kids we are taking in will be 18+. The house rules and level of independence that is appropriate for that age group is a far cry from what’s appropriate for our personal household with young children and an infant. Having a place with similar aged youth will give them more freedom and the college-like living experience that’s much more appealing than living with a family who needs the house quiet at 8:30pm.

Why be on the same property?

While the youth are 18+, typically their development is lagging. “Adulting” often requires doing risky things like using knives, cooking, driving, and other things foster parents may not be quick to allow in an effort to keep the youth safe while in their care. Not only this, but going into foster care is traumatic, often arresting social-emotional development. Regardless, most kids from any background today still have some level of oversight – like a resident adviser at college.

​We want to be available in an instant, day or night as needed, and want to do life alongside the former foster youth, inviting them to be part of our family.

​We want to be available in an instant, day or night as needed, and want to do life alongside the former foster youth, inviting them to be part of our family. #finallyfamilyhomes #fosteryouth #AHopeandAFuture @finallyfamilyhomes Click To Tweet

How many youth will live in the transitional house?

Our hope is to have room for 6, but it really depends on what we can find for a secondary house. The plan is to have 2 to a bedroom (typical for transitional housing) unless we find big, fancy bedrooms, then maybe 3 to a bedroom. We don’t want to aim for anything beyond 6 because we want to build personal, deep, long-term relationships.

How will Finally Family Homes grow to support more youth?

I know, only 6 at a time? I think that’s the max we can do and not become a cold machine. But we have plans to expand. 

Once the program plan for independence is fully formed and we figure out other logistics for moving forward we plan to connect former foster youth with loving homes who want to offer very low rent near college campuses and hopefully build long-term, stable relationships as well.

We also hope to replicate our model at least every 5 years and set up other willing adults / families to repeat what we are doing. 

We think personal and permanency-offering community is the best option for aging out foster youth.

How will this be funded?

​We’ve already done some fundraising through Giving Tuesday and some birthday Facebook fundraisers. And we have another big crowdfunding event planned for May 15th via Crowdrise. Our goal is to raise $35,000-$40,000 to cover move in and living expenses for 6 former foster youth for one year.

This money will help cover all utility bills, food, and clothing, transportation, insurance, and independent living classes / specialists for the former foster youth as well as furniture, linens, and housewares for the transitional house. We are a 501(c)3 organization, so all donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

What you can do to help right now.

Crowdfunding means reaching a whole lot of people who give at least a little. To help us reach our goal and feel confident in opening up a transitional house this summer you can help us have a successful crowdfunding event by:

Spreading the word.

Donating on May 15th.

First day donations help others who may not know us as well feel confident that our cause is worthwhile and that we will have enough support to be successful. Put it on your calendar and donate on May 15th whatever you feel is right. Truly, no amount is too small, that’s how crowdfunding works, so don’t be shy to donate $5 or even $1.


We wholeheartedly believe in the power of prayer.

We recognize that this is an ambitious endeavor.

We are moving forward in spite of any perceived barriers because we believe it is God’s work to care for those without a family to support them. We trust that if this is what God has called us to, then He will work it out.

When Israel fled from Egypt, the sea wasn’t parted, when David arrived to the battlefield, Goliath was undefeated, and Joshua arrived to Jericho – the walls still stood. What is impossible for men is possible with God.

We believe God is glorified by working through inadequate but willing people whose success could come no other way, but by the hand of God.

So here’s 40 prayer requests – there’s about one a day as we count down to our crowdfunding event. 

  1. Please pray for churches to come alongside and support us.
  2. Please pray for our future neighbors to be welcoming and supportive.
  3. Pray our city decision makers to be supportive of Finally Family Homes.
  4. Please pray for corporate support / donors to come alongside us.
  5. Please pray for our preparations for our crowdfunding event.
  6. Please pray for a filmmaker to help us film a funding / informational video.
  7. Please pray for our crowdfunding event May 15th – that all the finances needed will come.
  8. Please pray for God to provide the perfect location for the transitional house.
  9. Please pray for hearts to be moved to care for aging out foster kids. 
  10. Please pray that more people would come to know about the plight of aging out foster kids.
  11. Please pray that God would begin working right now in the lives of the children who will come through our ministry, preparing them.
  12. Please pray for God to prepare the workers with wisdom and compassion.
  13. Please pray that God would provide furniture for the transitional house.
  14. Please pray for us to create & maintain good relationships with our local DCFS workers.
  15. Please pray for our relationships to the school systems & local college – that they would help support the education of the foster kids.
  16. Please pray for us to find a good church to take the foster kids too, that would be welcoming, relevant, and sound.
  17. Please pray for our crowdfunding event May 15th, that we would get all the help we need to run it successfully.
  18. Please pray for our leadership, that they would be encouraged and have endurance.
  19. Please pray for hope to be restored in the foster kids who are aging out. 
  20. Please pray that we would find the right legal help to help us run the organization properly.
  21. Please pray for guidance for Finally Family Homes leadership. For us to be sensitive to God’s leading.
  22. Pray for comfort for all the children who are entering foster care right now.
  23. Pray for wise and kind mental health workers to help the foster kids process their trauma.
  24. Pray that God will lead us to the right resources to help each kid heal from their experiences going into and through foster care.
  25. Pray that Finally Family Homes and all who volunteer with the kids would be the hands, feet, and speak with the voice and heart of Jesus.
  26. Please pray that we can find grants to support our ministry.
  27. Pray for our crowdfunding event May 15th, that God would help the word get out to the people who He is calling to give.
  28. Pray for the foster kids that the ones who would benefit most would find us.
  29. Please pray for our entry process, that we would be discerning as we figure out which kids would be most blessed by our program. 
  30. Please pray for the Board of Directors, that they would be blessed in giving of their time and wise in guiding our organization.
  31. Please pray for Finally Family Homes to build good relationships with other organizations in our area and across the nation.
  32. Please pray for the aging out foster kids to be willing to learn and grow.
  33. Please pray for the aging out foster kids to find healthy peer communities – friends, clubs, etc
  34. Please pray for the safety of the kids who will be engaging with us – as becoming an adult can sometimes be dangerous.
  35. Please pray for the health of the kids who will be joining Finally Family Homes.
  36. Please pray that we would be protected from attacks from the enemy, who lies, kills, and steals.
  37. Please pray for faith for the leaders of Finally Family Homes– that we would trust that God will provide all that is needed at the right time.
  38. Please pray for our transitional home – that it would be in a good location – easy for the kids to get to college and other continuing education
Please pray for faith for the leaders of Finally Family Homes– that we would trust that God will provide all that is needed at the right time. #finallyfamilyhomes #AHopeandAFuture #powerofprayer @finallyfamilyhomes Click To Tweet

If you have questions or suggestions for prayer requests, please comment below!

The mission of Finally Family Homes is to provide family-like support to help teens who don’t have a family or home, transition into successful adulthood.

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  1. Praying things go well! This is an awesome ministry concept!
    Having a forever family is exactly what is needed.

    1. Thank you Aryn!! Prayers are always appreciated – especially as we near the time to buying a transitional home!

  2. I’ll be praying for you. What a great thing you are doing!

    1. Thank you Jessica – a transitional to permanent home is desperately needed in Los Angeles – in fact, many more are needed!

  3. What a beautiful goal and project you have. I pray that Gods richest blessings are on your venture and your 40 prayers are answered.

    1. Thank you Wendy! The count down to our crowdfunding event is on! God will provide!

  4. Great prayer list for a great ministry! Thanks for all you do!

    1. Thank you AnnMarie! Prayer is so very essential. It’s much more challenging than you might think – esp in the Los Angeles area to get a transitional home or any home! Truly, we need God to intervene!

  5. I prayed every prayer as I read along. May God bless your ministry as you follow His will.

    1. Thank you so very much Brittany! Prayers have power. Thank you for coming alongside us in this way.

  6. Praying for you all! I’m so thrilled that you are undertaking this mission and can’t wait to see how God uses you through it!

    1. Thank you Sarah! We are excited to start connecting and lifting up these foster youth.

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