Meet Finance Director Eugenie Ooi

Eugenie Ooi is a CPA and Senior Manager at Armanino. She has a degree in Accounting from Georgia State. Eugenie is a talented dancer and big-time foodie. She loves spending time with friends, going to the beach, and trying out new restaurants.

Eugenie first learned about the reality aging out foster youth face when she was doing mission work in Kyrgyzstan. Then she learned more through the Invisibles campaign from her church.

She’s excited about Finally Family Homes because she realizes that aging out of the foster care system without adequate supports must be hard. “Society can be brutal and cruel and I hope that my little contribution can help meet the needs of aging out foster youth.”

Eugenie Ooi Director of Finance
hand holding a pen up to a chart on a piece of paper next to a calculator

Eugenie's Role at Finally Family Homes

As Finance Director, Eugenie is responsible for overseeing the financial operations and planning of Finally Family Homes.

She uses her skills and talents to ensure the smooth running of our finances by assessing and identifying solutions to financial issues and preparing financial reports.

Eugenie has also been a powerhouse for fundraising, helping bring in the donations that keep Finally Family Homes going.

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Chairman of the Board, Jeffrey Phillip Forrest
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Chairman of the Board
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