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If you live in the area, you are probably well aware of how bad homelessness in Los Angeles has become, especially since the pandemic began.

Here at Finally Family Homes we know of many former foster youth who have dropped out of college because they have become homeless. We know of an entire community of aged out foster youth who were sharing a home – and every one of them have lost their jobs since March. But the struggle with homelessness for youth who left foster care without a family isn’t new.

Finally Family Homes Offers A Sustainable And Caring Solution

Finally Family Homes’ mission is to support Los Angeles area youth who are vulnerable to homelessness, because they are exiting foster care without a family. We do this by attending to their needs for security, belonging, and self-actualization. FFH protects youth from the many dangers of homelessness by:

·   providing transitional family-oriented housing to meet any immediate housing needs;

·   empowering youth with the tools to build and maintain their own tiny homes;

·   protecting youth from isolation, by offering opportunities to build healthy relationships;

But we don’t believe in a quick fix. We seek to mitigate the risks that could lead to future homelessness by leveraging partnerships with local community organizations. With these organizations we can offer personal and educational mentorship while providing continued connection and support as a safety net. We offer long term connections because we believe no one is too old for a family and everyone wants a place to call home.

We Are Seeing Powerful Results

We are seeing powerful results from our social-emotional life skills program which launched in collaboration with Valencia Hills Community Church and expanded to Golden Valley High School PAWS center, serving over 20 Santa Clarita youth in need during, just since the lock downs.

Attendance is growing, as is our positive impact as youth hear of our lineup of professional speakers. After FFH Board Director and College of the Canyons (COC) VP Jeffrey Forrest presented online – sharing in a way that was both personal and educational, some were brought to tears. One attendee responded. “This was the greatest call I have ever been a part of!”

“This was the greatest call I have ever been a part of!”

-Program Participant

Host Homes On The Horizon

While we prepare to launch our unique solution to have youth build to own their own tiny homes, we recognize that for many youth, there is an immediate need for housing.

So we are also launching our Host Homes Project which will recruit and train 20 local host homes/families to provide temporary homes to Santa Clarita youth (18-24 years old) struggling with homelessness. The program will match youth with a host, provide case management, support their path to long-term housing stability, and will provide support to hosts.

But we need your help to finish getting this up and running.

You Can Make An Impact Today

Because of lock downs, we’ve been unable to several of our planned fundraisers this year. So Finally Family Homes is running a few fundraisers simultaneously right now that are both fun and easy to participate in!

The first is our stories of hope campaign. We are doing it on Facebook and Instagram. We invite you to share your story of hope and to pay it forward as part of a foster youth’s story of hope by sharing a donate tag. Here’s how it works.

Facebook Stories of Hope

Not on Instagram, no problem! We’re doing Facebook too! Just share your story of hope in a post and

  • add the hashtag #mystoryofhope
  • tag Finally Family Homes’ Facebook page, and
  • raise money by choosing the… on the post to go to “add to your post” and select “Raise Money” from there you can select Finally Family Homes.

Doing Some Shopping?

If you still prefer shopping online – we recommend you check out our very popular post 12 Cheap But Awesome Gifts for College Students. If you find anything you like through our links, we get a small commission at no extra cost to you that goes straight towards helping the youth.

If none of the above interests you, but you still want to make an impact, head on over to our donate page.

We appreciate your taking the time to get to know us a little better and the impact we’re making.

We are excited to have you as a part of our story of hope in this fight against homelessness in Los Angeles!

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