Meet Board Director Jun Shim

Jun Shim is an Estate Planning Attorney at Hermance Law. He received his Bachelor’s from the University of California at Riverside and earned his law degree from Loyola Law School. At Hermance Law Jun helps Santa Clarita area families with minor children create a safe, lasting plan and protect their important assets.

Jun grew up and attended his schools all in Southern California. He resides in Santa Clarita with his wife Christina and son, Benjamin. Jun loves to go on exciting adventures with his family and visit museums to learn about the history of all things. He’s also a big fan of the LA Lakers and LA Dodgers.

Jun first learned about the challenging struggles of the foster youth in our community from Christina, the founder and Executive Director of Finally Family Homes. Jun believes and hopes that everyone looks to help the ones who are in need in our own community.

“The youths that we want to impact, have never made any decision in their life that placed them in need of the help they need.”

Jun is excited to be part of Finally Family Homes and hopes to bring more awareness and serve with an open heart.

Jun Shim board member for finally family homes smiling in a suit and tie.

Jun Shim’s Role at Finally Family Homes

Jun Shim waiving while participating in the 2022 Youth Count with Finally Family Homes.
Jun Shim heading out to the 2022 Youth Count in Santa Clarita

Jun Shim provides a legal perspective to our board and work at Finally Family Homes. This includes serving in an official role as the board secretary.

But Jun does so much more. He’s a hands-on guy. During the 2022 youth homelessness count, Jun took to the streets of Santa Clarita, joining us in counting the homeless youth in our community. He has helped to provide clothing and support for the babies of our foster young adults. Jun is a great advocate, sharing about the struggles our youth face and the work we do in the community.