Meet Board Treasurer Steven Mejia

Steven Mejia serves as the Chief Financial Officer at ICL Academy. Steven is a cross-functional business integrator with over 20 years of experience optimizing financial and business performance. He brings a strong background in start-up strategic analysis and budgeting to the board as well as expertise in tiny house life.

Steven is passionate to educate youth about finance and business management and came in as a guest expert speaker for our life skills program. Steven’s educational background includes a bachelor’s in finance and a master’s in Business Administration.

Steven is also the founder of Tiny Living LA, teaching others how to “go tiny.” and a member of LATCH (Los Angeles Tiny Co built Homes).

Steven built to own his own tiny house on wheels where he now lives in the Santa Clarita area. By building his own tiny house, Steven saved $60,000 on the cost. By moving in, he downsized 80% reducing his living expenses by 70%. Steven is an avid soccer player and cyclist and resides in Los Angeles, CA with his son Eli.

Steven Mejia - VP Finally Family Homes Board of Directors

Steven knows about the challenges foster youth face, having a close family member who aged out of the foster care system. He has walked alongside her for years providing support.

Steven Mejia’s Role at Finally Family Homes

Board Members Steven Mejia & Marla Morgan at the Tiny Home Build site Nov 2022

Steven Mejia serves as Treasurer and VP on the Board of Directors for Finally Family Homes.

But Steven does so much more. He’s a hands-on guy. During the 2022 youth homelessness count, Jun took to the streets of Santa Clarita, joining us in counting the homeless youth in our community. He has helped to provide incredible guidance in building our tiny house on wheels and financial oversight.