young woman opening the door to get alumni care

Alumni Support - The Safety and Support of Family

Alumni Support is available to every youth who graduates from our programs. They may move on from our programs, but they never graduate from our family community. We believe that no one is too old for a family and everyone needs a place to call home.

So, we offer an open door to come back to celebrate the holidays, have someone to talk to, and a place to call in hard times.

It’s important to us to be there with and for them for the rest of their lives, like family. ⠀

A Safety Net During Difficult Times

young woman coming back home to with front door open and hugging mom

Everyone struggles. Young adults from every walk of life are moving back home at rates never seen before. In fact, many adults under 30 have never left the nest and still live under the roof of their parents, a luxury not afforded youth aging out of foster care.

For youth who leave foster care without a family to call on, they don’t bounce back home, they fall into homelessness.

When our graduates hit a bump in the road, need to regroup, and get back on track – we’re there to help. That’s what family does.

Help Build a Safety Net

Support our mission to build an enduring family community.