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Finally Family Homes makes a life-changing impact because of our amazing volunteers! As a Santa Clarita based non-profit, we are grateful to be centered in such caring and involved community. If you are new to Finally Family Homes, we partner with college-aged foster youth to help them achieve lasting success. If you’d like to know more, you can visit our about page or learn more about our mission.

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Where Volunteers Are Most Needed

You’ll see many ways to get involved below, but a few programs urgently need volunteers. Our top 3 types of volunteer opportunities are listed first. You can click on the links under each opportunity to learn more or you can also just sign up to learn more about multiple options at the bottom of this page.

Host Home

A host home is a private home with an available bedroom and a heart open to providing a safe and supportive place for a young adult facing homelessness to get back on their feet.

Community members (hosts) volunteer to open their homes to youth ages 18-24 struggling with homelessness for up to 6 months. During their stay, both the hosts and youth are supported by Finally Family Homes.

Where: Your home

Time Commitment: Up to 6 months

Background check: Required.

Home Inspection: Required.

Learn More About Becoming a Host Home

Party Planner

Members of the party planning team will help set up and organize various parties for the young adults participating in our programs. These include graduation parties, holiday celebrations, and fundraising events. Join our party planning volunteer group to lead, organize, attend, or help out at these events.

Where: Various locations.

Time Commitment: Short-term and dependent on the event.

Background check: May be required.

Sign Up to Join the Party Planning Team

Bring Lunch to Tiny House Builders

Not into construction? You can pick up a spatula or call your favorite restaurant and provide lunch for our volunteers and youth builders.

Where: Local build location

Time Commitment: Low

Background Check: Not required

Sign up to bring lunch here.

More Ways To Volunteer

While the opportunities above are needed more urgently, we value our much needed volunteers in other roles.

Help Us Distribute Gift Boxes

Finally Family Homes celebrates youth milestones like graduations and birthdays as a part our Family Care Program. So that each young adult receives a gift, we build and deliver gift boxes with all kinds of fun and practical items.  

You can help us put together the gift boxes! 

Where: Build at or Deliver to Finally Family Homes office

Time Commitment: Low

Background Check: Not required

You can learn more about how to build our celebration boxes here.

Or, you can help us deliver the finished gift boxes (big smiles all around!)

Where: Various locations

Time Commitment: Low

Background Check: Required

Proof of Driver’s License: Required

Volunteer at the Finally Family Homes Office

We always need extra support! Help with tracking inventory of donations, preparing for birthday boxes, and other organizing. We also need help with writing thank you cards.

Where: Finally Family Homes office

Time Commitment: Occasionally or weekly as works for your schedule

Background Check: Not required

Join a Tiny House Build

Our Tiny House pre-apprenticeship to ownership program needs volunteers! Even if you’ve never picked up a hammer, we can help you learn how.

Where: Local build location

Time Commitment: Low

Background Check: May be required

Learn More about Our Tiny House Build and sign up to volunteer here.

Life Skills Coach

Our Life Skills program offers online life skills lessons to young adults involved in Finally Family Homes programs. Each participant is matched with a Life Skills Coach who meets with them 1-4 times each month to be a listening ear and review what they’re learning. Coaches are given discussion guides / worksheets to look at with them when meeting (so you don’t have to wonder or worry what to talk about).

Where: You can meet at a coffee shop, on zoom, or over the phone.

Time Commitment: About 3-4 hours per month for 6 months

Background check: Required.

Learn More About Becoming a Coach

Be An Ambassador

We are seeking ambassadors to share the mission and work of Finally Family Homes. You could help us tell stories on social media to increase awareness and support of our solution or share in person with friends, churches, and businesses that can help us expand our impact.

When we tell others about the struggles of young adults aging out of foster care alone, they are often surprised (“I didn’t realize so many became homeless!”).  We know that when people find out, they care.

Where: On social media (Facebook, Linked-In, Instagram, by sharing our products on Etsy, or by talking to people you know.

Time Commitment: Low

Background Check: Not required

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