Life Launch – Our Life Skills Program for Young Adults from Foster Care

Life Launch is a unique life skills program for young adults from Finally Family Homes. We serve college-aged youth (18-24 years old) who’ve experienced foster care and need extra support as they grow into contributing, successful adults.

According to national studies, 4,000 youth age out of foster care in California each year, and 65% leave foster care with no place to call home. Most of these youth have not received the kind of personal investment giving them the skills they need to succeed in life.

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What Our Life Skills Progam Is and How it Works

A life skills program is a curriculum of activities and lessons designed to teach young adults how to do the practical daily skills in life that aren’t taught in school and get missed by kids who are in foster care. Our life skills program helps young adults become successfully independent by equipping them with the tools needed to function in the adult world. By providing our youth with the tools and connections to build and sustain holistic life success, we mitigate the risks for negative outcomes associated with the foster care experience, such as homelessness, human trafficking, and prison.

Through our Life Skills Program, Life Launch, foster youth ages 18-24 will receive life skills training through an evidence-informed multi-sensory learning program.

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5 Essential Life Skills for Young Adults to Succeed

Five essential life skills topics are covered in our trauma-informed program. We’ve also mapped additional topics to Maslow’s Hierarchy to ensure a holistic approach to covering life skills. Here are five main topics covered:

1. Resilience

Being placed in foster care is a traumatic experience. These youth often experience traumas before and after being placed in foster care. A key life skill to overcome difficulties and rise above is learning resilience.

2. Getting and Keeping a Job

Our goal is to help young adults achieve lasting success in life. Learning to get and keep a job is key to building long-term financial stability.

3. Personal Finance

Just because you have a good job and bring in money doesn’t mean you’re “set for life.” Learning how to manage money wisely is important for sustainability.

4. Communication Skills

Regardless of your life path, great communication skills will serve you well.

5. Independent Living

Independent living is a part of lasting success. It’s not always intuitive. Learning how to manage bills and supply all your needs requires guidance.

How to Get Life Skills Coaching

Our life skills program is funded in part by a grant from the city of Santa Clarita.

To be eligible for our life skills coaching, you must be:

  • 18-24 years old
  • live in Santa Clarita or surrounding areas
  • have had experiences in the foster care system
  • be willing to meet (even if just over the phone) 1-4 times per month with a coach

Participants will receive a $25 gift card to the place of their choice for each life skills topic completed. Additionally, all participants are eligible for extra support through our Family Care program.

The total amount of gift cards that can be earned is $150 through program completion.

Interested in Becoming a Coach?

If you’d like to learn more, you can download our life skills coaching info packet here. While we are currently accepting applications, all of our youth participants have been paired with a coach. You are welcome to apply, but there may be a waiting period after completing your application before you are paired with a participant. If you are looking for other opportunities, please visit our volunteer opportunity page.

As a part of the application process, you will be required to review and accept our policies, which can be found here.