About Finally Family Homes

Aging Out is Not “The End”

Standing In The Gap – Finally Family Homes Offers Hope And Empowerment To Aging-out Foster Youth

Making the transition to adulthood is a struggle that is intensified for young people who have spent some or all of their childhood in foster care.
When aging out, many of them lack stable connections and are also more likely to have faced a host of disruptive and traumatic experiences including school instability, mental health issues, and homelessness.

But at Finally Family Homes, we give a sense of stability and direction to aging-out foster youth on the path to independence. We are devoted to generating relationships that will empower, inspire, and propel the youth to success.

  • Each year, about 23,000 young people “age out” of foster care because they reach the age that a State has determined they will no longer support them.
  • 20% of the children who were in foster care will become instantly homeless.
  • 70% of the kids involved in sex trafficking in LA County came from foster care

Apart from providing basic physiological needs like food and housing, we also offer social and emotional support as well as educational guidance to aging-out foster youth. 

Finally Family Homes uses a holistic approach to give foster youth the support they need to transition to a successful independent adulthood.By providing aging out teenagers a family-centered transitional home while we help them build their own tiny home, we are providing a safety net to mitigate the risks of homelessness and human trafficking of former foster youth.

​Join us in protecting them from homelessness and human trafficking.

Meet the Founders

Founders of Finally Family Homes -helping aging out foster youth

Eric & Christina Dronen moved to Los Angeles 13 years ago. They were inspired to start Finally Family Homes through the initiatives at Pacific Crossroads Church in Los Angeles. Having become educated on the significantly increased risks for foster kids who age out without family, they felt moved to action.

Finally Family Homes is that move to give justice, hope, and a future to aged out foster kids.

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Meet the Board of Directors

Executive Director Christina Dronen

Christina Dronen | Finally Family Homes - helping aging out foster youth

Christina Dronen is a parent to 3 kids and the author of several parenting books. She is a retired Systems Analyst & Stand Up Comedian, although her humor has been known to crop up from time to time.

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See her author page here.

Vice President Eric Dronen

Eric Dronen - VP of Technology at Finally Family Homes, helping aging out foster youth

Eric Dronen was inspired to start Finally Family Homes through the initiatives through his church, Pacific Crossroads Church in Los Angeles.  Eric works as a Senior SQL Server Database Developer and is the father to three kids.

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Secretary Michelle Lin

Michelle is a Research Analyst for LA Valley College. Prior to arriving at Valley College, Michelle was a reward and evaluation manager. She also has experience with writing reports for grants at the non-profit Youth Policy Institute, and was the evaluation manager at the Taller San Jose non-profit in Orange County. She is a volunteer through the CASA program.

An alumna of Valley College, she went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in psychology from UC Berkeley, and her master’s degree in education on psychological studies from UCLA.

Treasurer Eugenie Ooi

Eugenie Ooi - Treasurer of Finally Family Homes, helping aging out foster youth

Eugenie Ooi is a Senior Manager at Armanino. She has a degree in Accounting from Georgia State.
She is a talented dancer and big time foodie.

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Director Marie Kirchner

Marie Kirchner - Director of Finally Family Homes, helping aging out foster youth

Marie grew up in a small town in Washington state and graduated from the University of Washington with degrees in Business Administration and Communications. After 10 years of working in corporate advertising in Los Angeles, she embarked on a career change in 2012 and received her Masters in Intercultural Studies/International Development at Fuller Theological Seminary.

We all at Finally Family Homes share a passion for preventing homelessness and human trafficking of the foster youth who are aging out of the system.