Solutions to homelessness in Los Angeles County - youth holding a sign that says Finally Family Homes

We Offer Lasting Solutions to the Challenges of Aging Out of Foster Care

Finally Family Homes is a 501(c)3 nonprofit offering solutions to the challenges youth aging out of foster care face.

Our approach is to partner with youth who are leaving foster care without having been placed in a forever family to help them succeed in life. We work alongside them to tackle their risk factors of homelessness and human trafficking by empowering them to achieve meaningful connections, success, and a positive impact on the world.

We believe the most impactful solutions include building connection and helping them tap into their potential to achieve an extraordinary life

Finally Family Homes chose Santa Clarita, a beautiful city on the northwestern edge of Los Angeles County. Our region is home to the largest foster care system in the nation as well as the largest population of unsheltered homeless.

Want to know the secrets of success we teach our youth? We believe in sharing. If you are trying to achieve success in life, start here.

Are you a transition-aged foster youth and want to know all the resources and supports available specifically to empower your success? Go here to see our list of resources for former foster youth.

Are you trying to help a struggling young adult? See our list of ideas for helping youth through struggles.

Are you interested in helping, but haven’t yet invested in the life of former foster youth? Keep on reading. You’re in the right place and we’re so glad to connect with you.

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What Moved Us to Action

We know that isolation and lack of supportive relationships make youth from foster care particularly vulnerable to predators and homelessness. We saw the institutional systems in place now as severely lacking in building lasting connections and a caring community.

We believe a more compassionate, empowering, and connected approach to helping youth transition out of foster care is what’s lacking in current solutions to homelessness in Los Angeles. So we founded Finally Family Homes in 2017 to build real and lasting connections with transition-aged foster youth, while nurturing them in every area of their lives including personal development, education, mindset, relationships, financial freedom, and spirituality.

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We replace cycles of brokenness and poverty with hope, wholeness, and thriving.

Unfortunately, many youth from foster care end up in cycles of poverty and loss. They struggle to get by and many are devastated to lose their own kids to foster care. We work alongside these promising young adults to break the cycle of poverty and get out from under the systems that result in long-term dependence and struggle.

In the extreme housing market of Los Angeles, where affordable housing is nearly unattainable, we offer youth the unique opportunity to build to own their tiny homes on wheels. Having ownership in a tiny home gives them more control over their living situation, including the chance to live in safer neighborhoods than public assisted rentals. Not only does this model give dignity and stability, but it’s also vastly more affordable than other “affordable housing” solutions.

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We Believe In the Power of Connection

We are run by a talented team of volunteers from a variety of backgrounds, skills, and gifts, with a shared passion to invest in and care for foster youth thrust into the world without the security of a home or family.

We believe genuine, healthy connection is the key to our success and theirs. Though they might not have a family of blood, they have a family with us and the additional support of the many organizations we partner with.

Offering the Healing Power of Faith

We are a nonprofit that is founded and driven by faith. And we believe that a whole solution includes offering youth the chance to connect to the hope and opportunities that only faith can provide.

Finally Family Homes was founded by Christians who were inspired by their faith to create this organization for the purposes of honoring God’s call “To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8, NIV).