Finally Family Homes Policy Regarding Host Home Provider Conduct

All Host Home Providers are expected to comply with Finally Family Homes guidelines for conduct, privacy, and participation to ensure the safety and best possible experience for you, your guests, and all participants in our Host Homes program.  

As a Host Home Provider, I agree to the following CONDUCT guidelines:

  • I will maintain the highest standards of conduct and my behavior will align with and uphold Finally Family Homes mission and values.  I will maintain high standards of conduct with guests and when representing Finally Family Homes, both in professional settings and in the community. 
  • I will always be a positive influence on guests and be mindful of the responsibility to help the youth involved in our programs be responsible, productive citizens and members of their communities.
  • I will maintain professional, appropriate boundaries with guests and youth involved in Finally Family Homes programs, assure that these boundaries are explained clearly to the youth, and refrain from any activities which have a potential for harming a youth’s trust. 
  • I will maintain appropriate physical boundaries with guests and other participants.
  • I will serve each youth with concern for that youth’s welfare and not for personal gain or benefit.
  • I will not lend, give, or borrow property or finances from guests. 
  • I will not participate in practices that are disrespectful, dangerous, or in any way harmful to guests.
  • I will be sensitive to and nondiscriminatory of guests’ individual, cultural, and other differences and will strive to provide a welcoming, supportive and safe environment.
  • Hosts must keep all guns in the home safely stored and locked.

As a Host Home Provider, I agree to the following PRIVACY guidelines:

  • I will respect the privacy of guests.
  • I will hold in confidence all information obtained during the course of my volunteer service as a Host Home Provider.
  • I will not photograph, video or otherwise record guests without expressed permission.

As a Host Home Provider, I agree to the following ATTENDANCE AND PARTICIPATION guidelines:

  • I will respect and honor my commitments made to the program.
  • I will attend the orientation and training meetings scheduled for new Host Home Providers.
  • I will participate in community meetings and gatherings.
  • I will agree to periodic check in meetings with the Host Home Manager.

As a Host Home Provider, I agree to the following SUPPORT guidelines:

  • I will confront any issues or conflicts with guests in a clear and calm manner and will seek to explore with guests how to resolve the issue and model appropriate conflict resolution behaviors.
  • If I am unable to resolve an issue, I will contact the Host Homes Manager to help resolve it.
  • I will bring complaints and issues regarding the guest or Host Homes program directly to the Host Home Manager.  
  • If the issues are not dealt with to my satisfaction, I will escalate to the Executive Director, then the FFH Board of Directors.

As a Host Home Provider, I agree to the following EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION guidelines:

  • I will immediately notify the Host Homes Manager if any of the following situations occur:
    • An emergency requiring medical attention for the guest.
    • The discharge of a firearm in the home.
    • An automobile accident where the guest is a driver or passenger.
    • Police or other service provider is called to the home.
    • An imminent danger to host or guest.
    • A situation arises that requires reporting under the duty to warn/protect laws

You can download a copy of this policy here.