Tips & Tools For Helping Troubled Youth

helping troubled youth

Are you looking for support for helping troubled youth in your life? You’re at the right place. If you suspect that your current approach isn’t working, we may have some new ideas for you. We can help you fill in the gaps and support your struggling young adult.

Let’s start with the big picture. Nearly all youth want to do well. They want to succeed, but sometimes things are going on beneath the surface that sabotage their success. It’s not bad kids who make bad choices. It’s hurting kids who make bad choices trying to fill a need.

We work with youth who age out of foster care without getting reunited and without getting adopted. In other words, they are functionally orphaned. On top of all the traumas, they faced in home life and in the system, aging out adds to the pain. Some become instantly homeless – more trauma. And guess what, without help to work through the trauma, they struggle. But we are working to help them rise up and thrive.

Maybe you are too – maybe you’re working with a youth in foster care or who is about to age out. Or maybe you’re working with your own kids. Whatever the case, we’ve got some tips to help you help your struggling kid.

Helping Troubled Youth Deal With Struggles

Here are some articles that you may find helpful as you address struggles.

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Helping Troubled Youth Connect

Often a core issue behind why a young adult is “being difficult” is that they feel disconnected from you. As the saying goes, “People don’t care what you have to say until they know you care.”

So we put together some ideas to help you build (or rebuild) a connection with your young adult. There’s a variety of ways to connect, but we know gift giving and quality time are two ways to show you care. Here are some ideas and specific tips for that.

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helping troubled youth - tips and tools

If you want more specific ideas for helping your kid succeed, we recommend checking out Start Here For Success.

Supporting Youth From Foster Care

As youth leave foster care, some receive great support and direction, while many others are left on their own. Some are literally put in the street with nothing at 18. Yes, that happens right here in the USA.

There are resources, but so often these young adults don’t know how to find them. If you are supporting a youth who needs help figuring out what’s next, we highly recommend you check out our posts on resources available to youth who’ve been in foster care. There are grants, scholarships, and so much more!

Resources Available to Transition Aged Foster Youth Nationwide

Since we are located in the Los Angeles area of California, where the aging out crisis is most urgent, we have put together a list of resources available specifically in California.

Resources for Youth From Foster Care in California

If you are looking for housing options after foster care. Check out:

Supportive Housing for Youth Aging Out of Foster Care

Social Media Supporting Former Foster Youth

We offer a Facebook group Supporting Youth Aging Out Of Foster Care. It has both foster alum and representatives from organizations who are sharing information and support resources for youth.

Join our Facebook Group.

We also have an Instagram account dedicated to following all the programs in California for youth with a history in foster care.

It’s @cafosteralum

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Motivational Tools for Helping Troubled Youth

Struggling youth often struggle with motivation. It’s important to find ways to keep moving forward.

We offer FREE tools to keep your kid motivated and inspired here.

FREE Motivational Quote Coloring Pages (which will also help with stress!)

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