Meet Board Director Jill Friedman

With extensive travels starting at a very young age, Jill Friedman was inspired to begin her career as an entrepreneur in the gourmet food industry, launching two successful businesses. 

The culinary world satisfied much of her passions but left her aching to continue something she started in college.

 Being an entrepreneur allowed Jill to be both creative and a leader,  as well as being able to give back to her community.  Having served on the Board of several different non-profit organizations, she was able to contribute where she saw shortcomings and affect change.  

Her desire to give back began after college when she enrolled in the graduate program at the University of Southern California and received her Master’s Degree in Social Work.  She worked with various populations including homeless mentally ill adults,  children with HIV and AIDS, and Homeless, Runaway youth at Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles.

Having now left the culinary world behind, Jill said it was ‘fate” that she and Finally Family Homes crossed paths.  Her skills as a clinical social worker and volunteer in administration and in the trenches will help these youth build long-lasting success.  And she hopes to keep learning along the way.

Jill lives in Santa Clarita, California with Bill, her husband of 13 years.

Jill Friedman Finally Family Homes Board
Director of Community Relations
Jill Friedman

Jill Friedman’s Role at Finally Family Homes

Jill Friedman Finally Family Homes Board Member
Board Members (L-R) Christina Dronen, Jill Friedman, Eugenie Ooi

Jill Friedman provides Finally Family Homes insights and education as an MSW as well as real-world experience working with youth and in homelessness.

Jill serves officially in the role of Community Relations Director on our board. She is a great advocate, sharing about the struggles our youth face and the work we do in the community.