LAMC Guardian Scholars Support Request Forms

We’ve put together these forms to help streamline the process of supporting your transition-aged (18+) young adults. You can submit requests and report how they were used here.


Birthdays & Graduations

Birthday and/ or Graduation Request – At Finally Family Homes we offer a celebration program to help young adults feel seen and celebrated. We can get you a cake, a celebration box, &/or a gift. Please fill out this form to help us create a deliverable celebration.

Child Care Items for Parenting Youth

Through a partner, we are able to request baby and child care items for those of you who have children up to age 12. Please fill out one request per child. Please note when choosing sizes that these items may take one month to arrive.


Get a delivery? Please share your experience and thoughts with us!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.