Life Launch

A Club for Transition Aged Youth

Life Launch is Finally Family Homes’ weekly transitional youth program to help connect and educate youth 17-21 years old. Free food, prizes, and hot topics from professional speakers make Life Launch a fun way to build connections while learning essential life skills.

transitional youth program

What’s happens at Life Launch?

Life Launch “blasts off” October 24th, 2019 and is being hosted at a church in Valencia, California. Every week will start with a healthy, tasty dinner followed by life skills training from a professional.

While Life Launch centers on helping youth build strategic skills, education, and resilience, we also recognize the importance of getting connected to a safe community. So each week, some time will be allotted to discuss the topic in groups as well as to socialize informally in order to foster social connections.

And to top it all off, we’ll have regular give-aways, relevant to the topic of the week, so the youth can practice what they’ve learned and because getting free stuff is fun!

For those interested, our fall lineup is already booked up! Here’s a sampling of the topics and speakers we have scheduled for our transitional youth program.

transitional youth program

Fuel Your Body on a Budget
Transformational Nutritionist Arielle Zieja

Cook Like a Master
Trained Chef Ryan LaMar

Help a Friend with Anxiety
Dan Broyles, MFT

Protect Your Reputation
Dr. Frankie Augustin

Put Your Best Face Forward
Beauty Expert Gina Landerer

Live Large for Less
Celebrity Savings Expert Katie Hernandez

Community Coming Together

We’re so excited to get this transitional youth program off the ground! Life Launch helps fulfill Finally Family Homes’ goal to help equip youth with the confidence, self-esteem, and problem-solving skills needed to succeed in life. We are so grateful to our volunteers, donors, and to Valencia Hills Community Church for partnering with us in this effort.   

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Life Launch - a transition aged youth program

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