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A Transitional Youth Program

Life Launch is Finally Family Homes’ weekly transitional youth program to help connect and educate aging out foster youth and welcomes other youth in need. Free food, prizes, and hot topics from professional speakers make Life Launch a fun way to build connections while learning essential life skills.

This program is a part of our overall mission to support former foster youth as they transition into successful young adults. This program designed to help equip with skills, build up connections, and encourage youth as they grow into their full potential.

Life Launch “blasted off” October 24th, 2019 and was hosted at Valencia Hills Community Church in Valencia, California. Every week started with a healthy, tasty dinner followed by life skills training from a professional.

We have since opened up another location in partnership with LA Mission College’s Guardian Scholars Program. And now we are at Golden Valley High School in Santa Clarita serving youth through the PAWS program.

What Happens At Our Transitional Youth Program

While Life Launch centers on helping youth build strategic skills, education, and resilience, we also recognize the importance of getting connected to a safe community. So each week, some time is allotted to discuss the topic in groups as well as to socialize informally in order to foster social connections.

And to top it all off, we’ll have regular give-aways, relevant to the topic of the week, so the youth can practice what they’ve learned and because getting free stuff is fun!

We use Maslow’s Hierarchy as a rough guide to ensure that we holistically cover all the topics that can help a youth rise up to their full potential. Here’s a sampling of the topics and speakers we had previously life skills workshops.

Life Launch Program Topics & Speakers

Nicole Liem Yang
Founder of Show Me the Notes

Topic: Get Killer Study Skills
Get some of Nicole’s hottest tips at:
“The Importance of Note Taking to Being Successful”

Gold Certified KonMari Consultant Kristin Decou
Founder of Modern Refresh

life launch guest speaker topic - how to live large on less.

How To Live Large on Less
How To Get Organized for the School Year
How To Declutter Your Desk & Digital

Start getting organized with her guidance:
“How to Get Organized When Life is Stressful”

Brooke-Sidney Harbour
Author, Attorney, Transformational Coach

Topic: How to Find Peace in the Chaos

Pastor Dan Broyles, MFT

How To Help a Friend with Anxiety
How To Help a Friend with Depression
How To Not Take Things Personally

Dr Frankie Augustin
Professor, California State University, Northridge

Love Yourself, Filter Social Media

Jeffrey Forrest
VP of Economic & Workforce Development
College of the Canyons

How To Manage Time Wisely
How To Deal With Stress

Check out Jeffrey’s powerful article:
How To Deal With Stress

Steve Mejia
Founder, Smart Biz Creator

Topic: How To Manage Your Finances

Steven Marckley
A Light of Hope

How To Help A Friend Who’s Struggling

Max Vandenburg & Jorge Contreras
Wavepool Investing Club

Topic: How To Get Started with Investing

Charissa Wheeler
CEO, The Music Junction

Topic: How To Lift Your Spirits with Singing

Rob DeCou
Ultra Endurance Athlete & Founder, Lux Virtual

Topic: Endurance

Building Community With Transition Aged Youth

Life Launch helps fulfill Finally Family Homes’ goal to help equip youth with the confidence, self-esteem, and problem-solving skills needed to succeed in life. We are so grateful to our volunteers, donors, and to LA Mission College Guardian Scholars, the Hart School District, and Valencia Hills Community Church for partnering with us in this effort.   

Right now we are continuing online as local schools are still closed. Additionally, we have continued to support these youth by providing groceries, notes of encouragement, and presents during the holidays.

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To stay up with us on Life Launch

If you know a young adult who could benefit from our transitional youth program, get in touch with us. If you would like information about building life skills, see our list of resources at Start Here For Success.

For any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us directly.

You can support Life Launch and our new housing transitional youth program at Finally Family homes by donating here.

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