Host Homes: An Innovative And Caring Response To Youth Homelessness

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If you live in the Santa Clarita area and are interested in our Host Homes program, sign up to get all the details. Not sure yet? Keep on reading to learn more.

To support our mission to provide for the immediate housing needs of youth at imminent risk of homelessness, Finally Family Homes is launching its Host Homes Program.

Our Host Home Program recruits, trains, and supports local hosts/ families to provide temporary homes to Santa Clarita youth (18-24 years old) struggling with homelessness, especially those who fell into homelessness because they aged out of foster care without a family.

We have modeled our program after the program pioneered by Point Source Youth, which has proven to be a cost-effective, successful intervention for youth homelessness in neighboring cities and states.

Host Home Programs have been used successfully in the UK for the last thirty years and have more recently seen success in the United States, including the Los Angeles area.

What A Host Home Is

A host home is a private home with an available bedroom and a heart open to providing a safe and supportive place for a young adult facing homelessness to get back on their feet. 

Members of the community (hosts) volunteer to open their homes to homeless youth, ages 18-24, for up to 6 months. During their stay, both the hosts and youth are provided supports from Finally Family Homes.

With wrap-around services, including our Life Launch program, our youth build the foundation they need to get back on their feet, find permanent housing, and become self-sufficient adults!

A host home is a place for a youth to build independence while also building connections and healthy relationships.

Who Host Homes Are For

youth in host homes

Those who stay in Host Homes are called guests. Our guests are transitional-aged youth (18-24) who were put into foster care, and at no fault of their own never found a forever family.

20% of these youth become homeless the day they age out. And another 10% experience homelessness in the following 18 months.

Many of these youth are ambitious, hard-working college students, or were.. until they had to drop out due to homelessness.

How To Become A Host Home Provider

Hosts must go through our volunteer onboarding process, including orientation and a background screening, and must be willing to participate in additional training.

Hosts will be provided with training and ongoing support throughout their tenure as hosts.

If you’re interested in learning more, please fill out the interest form below.

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