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Host Homes - Short Term Housing for Homeless Youth

The Host Homes model is an innovative, caring, and successful intervention for youth homelessness. At Finally Family Homes, we’ve chosen to incorporate this compassionate transitional housing model to serve our college-aged youth who are leaving foster care without a family and need extra support as they grow into contributing, successful members of the adult community.

Our Host Homes program is designed to recruit, train, and support local hosts/ families to provide temporary homes to Santa Clarita youth (18-24 years old) struggling with homelessness, especially those who fell into homelessness because they aged out of foster care without a family.

If you live in the Santa Clarita area and are interested in becoming a host for our Host Homes program, sign up below. We’ll send you more information about the application and screening process, expectations of youth and hosts, and how to get involved.

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What is a Host Home?

A host home is a private home with an available bedroom and a heart open to providing a safe and supportive place for a young adult facing homelessness to get back on their feet.

Members of the community (hosts) volunteer to open their homes to youth ages 18-24, struggling with homelessness, for up to 6 months. During their stay, both the hosts and youth are supported by Finally Family Homes.

With wrap-around services, including our Life Launch program, our youth build the foundation they need to get back on their feet, find permanent housing, and become self-sufficient adults!

A host home provides a young adult with a place to build independence while also building connections and healthy relationships.

Foster Care and Youth Homelessness in Santa Clarita And Surrounding Areas


Estimated Homeless Students at the College of the Canyons


Homeless Ages 18-24 in the Santa Clarita Service Planning Area 2020 Point In Time Count


Youth Aged 16 Years+ in Santa Clarita Foster Care
~200 Will Experience Homelessness


Homes Currently Available for Santa Clarita Homeless Youth

Who are Host Homes for?

who host homes are for - 4 happy young adults with backpacks and computers

The young adults who stay in Host Homes are referred to as guests. Our guests are transitional-aged youth (18-24) who were put into foster care, and at no fault of their own never found a forever family.

20% of these youth become homeless the day they age out. And another 10% experience homelessness in the following 18 months.

Many of these youth are ambitious, hard-working college students, or were.. until they had to drop out due to housing instability.

How We Formed Our Host Homes Program for Santa Clarita Youth

We formed our Host Homes program using a blend of other proven, successful, and cost-effective existing Host Home models. We tailored it to fit our community and mission to empower our youth to build lasting connections and long-term independence.

Host Home Programs have been used as a successful intervention for youth homelessness in the UK for the last thirty years and have more recently seen success in the United States, including the Los Angeles area.

Our Host Homes program will give our young adults a place to stay while they build to own their own tiny homes on wheels.

Thank you to Point Source Youth and Lighthouse Youth & Family Services for sharing your models so generously. And thank you to pastor Dan Broyles, MFT of Valencia Hills Community Church for the added wisdom from your Spiritual Care program.

Our Host Homes program is funded in part with help of a grant from the City of Santa Clarita.

How To

Become A Host

Will you consider opening your home? We are currently looking for individuals and families like you who are willing to become a Host Home.

If you have an available room or guest house, you could make a life-changing difference for a young person who has no family or home to fall back on. Your safe, temporary, welcoming home can help a student stay in college and build a better life for themselves.

How To

Become A Guest

Do you just need a place to call home for a little while so you can get back on your feet?

Did you know there are people willing to help? This could be what you need to get to where you want to go.

Unfortunately, we are not accepting applications at this time. But please check back. We also encourage you to check out our list of resources for Transition Age Youth in the Los Angeles area.

Statistic Sources:
DCFS Caseload Statistics for the Santa Clarita Office 2019. Estimated 35% homeless rate in keeping with national statistics.
LAHSA SPA 2 PIT Count for 2020
Homeless student count estimated by using the 4.4% rate of homelessness reported by the UCLA 2018-2019 Study by Center for the Transformation of Schools and the 33,841 College of the Canyons 2019-2020 attendance reported.