12 Great Graduation Gifts for Teens in 2021

gifts for teens

If you know any teens at all, you know they can be difficult to shop for. They know the newest, hottest products that you never heard of and their preferences change nearly weekly. We’ve put in the due diligence to find the hottest gifts for teens in 2021, so you can be the coolest gift giver.

Our criteria is to make sure we are brining you the best gift ideas out there while keeping prices attainable. Everything here will impress without breaking the bank.

Gifts For Teenagers

This post contains affiliate links. At no extra cost to you we earn commissions to support youth in need if you shop through the links on this page. Read our full affiliate disclosure here. 

It’s safe to say your teen is probably spending more time in their room than ever before. Right now, for many teens, their bedroom is also their classroom. And despite the physical separation, thanks to online classes and socializing, having a cool room is likely more important to them than ever.

To keep the shopping convenient, we’ve put together ideas for Amazon gifts for a teenage girl.

These Daybetter neon lights not only the hot thing right now but a quick and easy way to transform a room! They come with adhesives, are cuttable, linkable, and even have a remote control!

And these particular lights are ranked #1 choice on Amazon with 4.5 stars and nearly 100,000 positive reviews.

Electronics are here to stay. But what doesn’t stay is battery power. This awesome charger is significantly smaller than portable charges even a year or two ago, but still packs a punch with a charge capacity of 4500 Milliampere Hour (mAh).

It comes in a variety of colors and is Amazon’s choice for “portacharge.”

Unique Gifts For Teenage Girls

While everyone is unique, an argument can be made that teenage girls are the hardest to shop for. We’ve got a few great age-appropriate gift that are actually cool for a teenage girl to own.

This Letsfit smart watch is better than it’s price would have you believe. At the time of this post it’s under $30.

This waterproof watch comes in a variety of colors (works for guys too!) and includes a Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker with 1.3 Inch Touch Screen, Sleep Monitor, and Step Counter.

It integrates with a smartphone using the VeryFitPro app.

Masks! No the other kind. The ones you use to help that troubled teen skin. Show her you care by giving her some self-care!

These TONYMOLY facemasks are top sellers. And the sheet mask collection includes ten different ingredients that help soothe and brighten your skin. 

Cool Gifts For Teenage Guys

Shopping for a teenage boy? Sometimes they aren’t the best about expressing what they want… at least not what’s somewhat affordable. If a new car isn’t on your list, here’s a few ideas that will make fun gifts for that teen guy in you life!

Get this magnetic dartboard for the kid who needs something constructive to do with his hands.

Both the darts and dartboard are safe for your walls, so they can have all the fun without the mess.

Is your kid into gaming?

Your teenager will love these Corsair HS60 PRO – 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Gaming Headset with USB DAC.

Corsair is one of the top brands both for coolness & quality.

High School Graduation Gifts

Graduating from high school is an important milestone in the life of a young adult. Beyond the educational achievement, it is often the last stepping stone into real independence. From there teens often go quickly on to get jobs or go to college. Most will move out soon after and need supplies for their new life.

This Aeropress coffee and espresso maker is sure to impress your burgeoning young adult! Whether they have to wake up early for that “real job” or to get going to class, they’ll likely want a pick-me-up of coffee to get going.

Kids these days know their coffee, too. So they’ll appreciate the high quality of coffee & espresso that come from this Amazon choice with nearly 10,000 reviews. Not bad for under $30.

Wherever they’re headed next, they’re sure to want to gather with some friends & put on some music.

The Anker Soundcore Mini, Super-Portable Bluetooth Speaker has 15-Hours of Playtime, 66-Foot Bluetooth Range, Enhanced Bass, and a Noise-Cancelling Microphone.

It can go with them outdoors or even in the car to upgrade their ride.

High School Graduation Gifts For Him

Buying gifts for high school seniors means buying for teenagers who are on their way to independence. Graduation means time to move on up and move on out. Send him packing in feel-good style!

Get him an eco-friendly quality duffel bag from Terra Thread It comes in three different colors. It’s great for the gym or coming back for a visit.

Durable, functional and versatile, this duffel is sustainably and ethically made with 14 oz heavy duty Fairtrade organic cotton canvas. 

Added bonus: Each purchase of this backpack contributes 20 MEALS to children, families, and seniors in need in the United States through Feeding America.

Part of becoming a responsible independent adult is learning how to properly store and secure your personal items.

This SentrySafe P008EBL 0.08 Cubic Foot Electronic Compact Safe can be attached to other secured items in his dorm room and locked.

2.9 x 10.0 x 7.9 inches and made of solid durable steel. It’s sure to keep your kid’s valuables secure.

High School Graduation Gifts For Her

It’s fair to say your teen is probably more stressed than ever. As if college wasn’t intimidating enough, now she has to deal with all of the complications and challenges of the pandemic.

Get her a self care delivery box from Cratejoy. They offer a great variety of options, whether you want to send her monthly care packages or just a one time deal.

Cratejoy is a great way to support mom & pop shops while keeping the convenience of online shopping. You’ll truly find her a creative and thoughtful gift here.

We love this Ldurian Inspirational 2021 Graduation Bracelet. It comes in a cute little cap & gown box, too.

It has an inspirational message & her graduation year engraved on it.

Need more gift ideas for that college aged kid? Check out our awesome list of The 12 best affordable gifts for college students. You will find some great ideas for college graduation gifts and suggestions for presents that would also for well high school seniors and those who’ve decided not to pursue college or university.

Making The Most Of Your Gifts For Teens

No matter what you decide to get your teen, it truly is the thoughtfulness that counts. Make sure to include a card with encouraging words.

Young adults this age appreciate words of affirmation more than they did in their younger years. If you are supporting a youth who is aged out of foster care, this can be especially true.

In case you missed it, when you shop on through one of the links above your purchase helps support youth aging out of foster care at no extra cost to you!

gifts for teens

If you’re still not sure what to get, don’t be afraid to ask directly.

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