young woman standing in the middle of tall waves holding an umbrella

Partnering with youth to make a powerful change

When youth leave foster care alone, without the covering of a forever family, they can feel like the world is crashing in on them and the future looks bleak. But at Finally Family Homes we’re changing that story. We protect and empower our youth to break cycles and make a brighter future for themselves, leaving a better world in their wake.

We give security, belonging, and empowerment to succeed by coming alongside these youth to:

·   provide for their basic needs including housing and food

·   empower them to build an economic foundation for self-sufficiency

·   create healthy relationships in a safe and caring community

We invest in the potential of our youth to achieve an extraordinary life

Our Programs and Strategies to Fulfill Our Mission

life launch logo and student throwing a graduation cap up into a blue sky

Life Launch is our club to educate, connect, and equip aging-out foster youth with life skills. We partner with high schools and colleges to provide educational workshops from inspiring professionals.

image of a white door opening to a bedroom in a host home with a bed and flowers

Host Homes is our proven cost-effective, successful intervention for youth homelessness. We recruit, screen, and train local families who wish to provide an open room and compassionate care to a youth in need.

beautiful kitchen in a tiny house on wheels

Tiny House Ownership is our flagship program to help youth build to own their own tiny homes on wheels. Youth invest their own time and money, gaining valuable job skills in construction and personal equity.

image of a young women being given a birthday cake with lit candles

Family Care is our program to show our youth that they are valued members of our family community. We invite them to have dinner together, give gifts, and celebrate their birthdays and accomplishments together.

young woman opening the door with a smile

Alumni Support is available to our program graduates. We offer an open door to come back to celebrate the holidays, have someone to talk to, and a place to call in hard times. Permanency and sustainability are important to us.