The Mission

Orphan Advocate

Orphan Advocacy

Finally Family Homes’ mission is to care for vulnerable and orphaned children, primarily kids who are aging out of the foster care system, by providing the community, resources, permanency, and support they need to succeed independently. We are filling the need for orphan advocacy right here in the USA.

Orphan Mission

You don’t have to go on an orphan mission trip on the other side of the world in order to care for a kid in need. In the United States, kids who are aging out of foster care are orphans – sometimes literally, sometimes functionally – just like other nations. And just like orphans in other nations, our orphaned children end up falling into human trafficking, homelessness, and incarceration.

The System is Failing Too Many

For too many foster youth, about 20,000 per year, turning 18 is the death knell to their dreams of finding a forever family or home. Not only are they on their own without a family, but they are less equipped to succeed than their peers who do have families. Just because you turn 18, doesn’t mean you are ready to do life all on your own – especially for those who’ve faced so much trauma and instability.

Giving Aged Out Foster Youth Hope

At Finally Family Homes, we believe turning 18 (or whatever age a foster youth leaves the system) can be a new beginning – and that no one is ever too old for a family. Fulfilling our mission for orphan advocacy includes providing the kind of resources that match those that are afforded young adults who have a supportive, healthy, and safe family of origin. That means connecting the youth to families and church communities in their area. It means providing encouragement, guidance, and financial support.

This permanency pact, created by Foster Club – describes the kind of relationship we would like to have with the kids – we’d like to put in a check mark in nearly every category. (A home for the holidays, a place to do laundry, emergency place to stay, spiritual support, someone to talk to, etc).

Once we acquire a property, housing will be available for the youth 18-21 who are ready for that next step to transition out of foster care.

Our independently living skills classes / club to educate, connect, and equip aging out foster youth are geared towards 17-21 year olds. Learn more about this new program, we’re calling Life Launch. It’s not just for foster youth, but any youth in need of support transitioning to independence.

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Orphan Advocacy

If you have a heart for orphan advocacy, please consider getting involved or donating. The most common thing we hear from aging out foster youth is “I didn’t think anyone cared about me at all.” They need to know that there is a world of people who do care, who want to invest in their lives, and want to see them healthy, happy, successful and connected.