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Our Host Homes Program is Live

Finally Family Homes is pleased to announce that we have our first placement in a host home! Our Host Homes program is designed to recruit, train, and support local hosts/ families to provide temporary homes to Santa Clarita youth (18-24 years old) struggling with homelessness, especially those who fell into homelessness because they aged out of foster care without a forever family. Learn more about our Host Homes program here.

Meet the Hosts

A wonderful Santa Clarita family with grown children and an extra bedroom has opened up their home to a young adult in need who has been selected to build her tiny home on wheels through our Tiny House Ownership Program.

Ed & Erika are teachers with big hearts to care for kids aging out of foster care. Before becoming approved hosts, they went through our background screening and host homes training. As they were going through the matching process with their guest, both they and their guest knew right away that they would be a good match and we agree!

Our young lady moved in and we welcomed her with a package of items that included household items in her favorite colors and a box of her preferred foods.

Congratulations to Ed, Erika, and our aging out foster youth on their new connection and home together.

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