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Finally Family Homes Cares for Youth Aging Out of Foster Care

Every year more than 20,000 young adults exit the foster care system alone because they never got reunited with family and didn’t get adopted. Struggling on their own, many fall into homelessness, drop out of college, and have an increased risk for other negative outcomes such as human trafficking and substance abuse.

Finally Family Homes partners with these promising young adults in Santa Clarita to help them achieve lasting success.

We achieve this mission by:

We believe that every young adult needs people to call FAMILY and a place to call HOME.


U.S. Kids a Year Leave Foster Care without a Forever Home


California Youth a Year Leave Foster Care without a Family


 Youth from Foster Care Are Sleeping on the Streets of Los Angeles


In Taxpayer Costs for Each Youth Leaving Foster Care Alone

young female former foster youth college graduate hugging her supporter

Offering a Caring and Sustainable Approach

Innovative Solutions to Youth Homelessness

We recognize the importance of healthy relationships to youth success. So, we invite our young adults, who transitioned out of foster care, to belong in a community that’s invested in building lasting connections with them.

We believe in the potential of the youth we serve, not offering a handout, but a hand to hold. We come alongside our young adults as they build to own their own tiny homes on wheels, laying the foundation for a better economic future.

We understand that the risk factors for our youth are complex. By nurturing personal development and offering a safety net of continued support, we mitigate the future risks for homelessness and human trafficking.

Transition Aged Youth Programs

Our primary goal is to connect former foster youth to a caring community while guiding them to build an economic foundation for themselves.

Knowing that safe and secure housing is their top need, we offer a long-term solution through tiny homeownership and a caring solution in host homes while they work to build a life and a home for themselves. Along the way, we offer a variety of wrap-around services to holistically enrich our young adults and give them an extra edge on success in life.

Serving Santa Clarita and Surrounding Areas

We Care for Youth After Foster Care

In spite of the pandemic, we served more youth than ever through 2020.

We provided over 50 youth in need with a variety of services including helping to cover basic needs items like groceries, face masks, and school supplies.

We brought turkey dinners at Thanksgiving and presents at Christmas.

We brought speakers in over zoom to inspire, encourage, and motivate them through the difficulties. And we offered many opportunities to connect during a time of isolation.


Your Giving Makes Waves

Each life changed through your giving, not only changes the trajectory of a youth in need but creates ripple effects empowering them to give back to the community in ways that no one else can.
Finally Family Homes is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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